Sometimes you may need to chat directly with another agent.  To do so:

  • You will see the chat conversation in the upper left hand area of the screen

  • If  you hover over any of the messages sent, it will display what time the message was sent (to the far right of the message)
  • You can see how many participants there are in the chat at the bottom right hand corner

  • Send emojicons by clicking on the smiley face at the bottom right hand corner (right of send button)

  • You can adjust your notification setting (on or off) by clicking on the speaker to the right of the emojicon face
    • Note: the audible is a quiet click (if enabled)

  • You can adjust (on or off) your Display Status Message icon by clicking the i with the circle at the bottom right.

  • You can adjust (on or off) AutoScroll by click on the following icon: